hi my name is dominique but you can call me domi or doom !! i'm a 17 year old humanities and social sciences student from the philippines !! i'm genderfluid (any pronouns) and bisexual !!

other funky info !! my mbti is infj and my enneagram is 4w5 !! my big three are leo sun, aquarius moon, and virgo rising !! i think personality shennanigans like these are fun but i don't 100% put my serious faith into them !! (although sometimes it can accurately resonate with my experiences)

i enjoy listening to rock and metal music, learning about animals (especially amphibians), watching old or weird films, doodling, philosophy, gummies, and banana oatmeal !!

some of my favorite bands are the beatles, pink floyd, the beach boys, opeth, macabre, bloodbath, misfits, obituary, and porcupine tree (more on my spotify and last.fm) and some of my favorite films are detroit rock city, harold and maude, stand by me, full metal jacket, fantastic planet, & waking life !!

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